We are a Magento development agency specializing in numerous aspects of website development on the Magento platform. They involve web design, front- and backend development, as well as website migration and consultation.

Having delivered hundreds of successful projects with a substantial number of programming hours, we have built a reputation of a reliable, friendly and accessible service for businesses and individuals of various backgrounds. Our main aspiration as a company is to let your business flourish. In order to achieve this, we have gathered a team of top-level specialists and dedicated project managers that all share a common goal.

At GoTop, we want to make sure you have the most pleasant and satisfying experience working with us. So, we have ensured you can access advice and assistance at all times by providing you with a number of ways to contact us : our email address and phone number are available for direct communication with our managers.

Our Team

For any kind of enterprise using Magento, finding the right developer is a well-known issue. Few are likely to match the desired level of competencies that you need specifically for your project.

We know the struggle, and we’re here to help. We have seen it be most effective to hire a full-time Magento developer specialized in the area to tackle specific tasks.

Specialists on our team are trained to work with Magento, and each of them is independently professional, educated and experienced in their own right. We want to bring together innovative, positive and talented people sharing our keenness to develop and work with clients. To achieve our best, we have developed a highly productive system of collaboration, allowing us to use a creative approach to problem-solving for each individual case.

The scope of the services we offer is ranging from custom theme development, frontend and backend programming to SEO and consultation. Besides, we are ready for cooperation if you’re seeking an advisory opinion from a certified expert. Depending on your needs and the project scale, you may choose the extent of involvement that you expect from us - you can have a large team of designers and developers working for you, or a small group of one or two committed professionals.

Our Individuality Is Our Asset

If you are not entirely confident in the proficiency of your team with Magneto projects, it is often a good move to outsource Magento development. There are many teams of specialists working in this particular area. So, why hire us? Here are just a few things that will emphasize our eligibility:

  • We have experience in working with projects of varying complexity. Our capabilities include working with atypical cases and creating solutions for advanced problems.
  • We offer products and services of the highest standard for a reasonable price tag.
  • We tailor each project to its intended audience to achieve maximum conversion rates and meet your goals.
  • Our SEO specialists are known to be excellent at ensuring high positions in search engines for all of our websites.
  • Our extensive background and training have been confirmed by hundreds of happy customers. You can expect a mature approach and deep understanding of eCommerce development.
  • We will go the extra mile to ensure your website is unique by developing customized Magento extensions.
  • Our certified user experience professionals know how to get the most out of the UI/UX potential of your website.
  • We know how to do business responsibly - we are committed to sticking to deadlines, and your experience is everything to us.


If you’re still not quite sure about outsourcing the development of your project, we’ll throw in just a few more examples of the benefits of such an investment.

  • Every stage of the development process is covered with a single solution, implementing smart cutting-edge procedures.
  • We ensure the increased speed, quality, and efficiency of project delivery which facilitate market success and high performance.
  • Your final result is a creative and unique eCommerce website that guarantees your leadership in the market.
  • A client-targeted website is achieved by thorough, state-of-the-art analysis of the persona of your customer, performed by skillful experts.
  • Our project developers provide full-time support and are always available.
  • We employ responsive design and adaptation for different web browsers and device screens.
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