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Technical Magento Consulting

Often, the main issue of companies looking to develop their professional activity in the eCommerce sector lack an in-depth knowledge of the digital business management technical part. In turn, our Magento developer consultant will develop for you a detailed plan concerning the transformation of the soft framework of the project, as well as its functionality, performance optimization, SEO, and many other parameters, which, if kept out-of-date, can negatively affect your business success.

The following professional consulting services will help you achieve the new level for your business and get ever closer to the ultimate success:

  • decrease of the expenses required to launch and further use a software solution. Our architects dive deep into the specifics of your business solution and based on the conducted analysis develop an individual strategy. The main goal of the strategy - to minimize any difficulties related to the realization or use of the solution. In practice, this makes the deployment and technical support cheaper and also decreases the risks of the product’s theoretical inefficiency (e.g., we develop plans for the creation of MVP, adaptation of solutions to different localizations, or for the creation of global projects optimized for users internationally);
  • decrease of time required for the project implementation. We consult you on how to organize a smooth migration of a project to the newer platform version with the review of existing functionality and search for ways to optimize it according to the capabilities of the latest and most technically fulfilled version of Magento.
  • Moreover, we can help you migrate the project to cloud to increase the software performance and lower the hosting costs;

  • all-around evaluation of the project efficiency. Here, our consultants assess how efficiently your current solution performs and how properly put together its architecture is from the scaling and stress-load increase perspectives. Additionally, we provide utterly detailed recommendations on decreasing response time and optimization of website elements during stress-loads;
  • identification of customer demands and composition of a plan concerning adaptation to these demands via advanced Magento capabilities. As you may know, Magento is one of the most diverse ecosystems of additional modules, with the help of which a project can be optimized according to the existing market demand. We’ll thoroughly explain why it’s worth using particular modules in your Magento-based solution.
  • industry-specific training of staff. To make your team of developers work to their fullest further on, without the help of experts, we also offer training based on the specialized in-depth Magento educational materials. Your employees will learn how to develop successful software solution development strategies and solve optimization and commercial efficiency enhancement tasks single-handedly.

    Marketing Magento consulting

    Digital marketing plays a crucial role in the efficiency of web resources. In order to better understand customer needs and optimize your website’s position in the search engine to get the maximum conversion rates, we offer to employ our Magento SEO consultation services.

    Particularly, our dedicated specialist will conduct an in-depth analysis of your site’s traffic, define lacking from the SEO perspective components, and help compose a winning strategy in accordance with the PPC marketing rules.

    Magento consulting rates

    Our Magento consultant can offer a flexible service pricing so that each and every business, even the one just starting out and with a limited budget, can advance in the competitiveness level with our help. In turn, large- and average-scale businesses can consider a plan implying the perfection of technical elements of the site, the decrease of the support costs, and even further correspondence with the customer expectations.

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