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Top Magento Customization Service

If it seems that your online store can look even better than it already does, it definitely can be made better. Nowadays, there are many good-looking and sophisticated online shops that appear and quickly win over users’ hearts with their convenient and oh-so-good user experience. Their navigation and design are created in such a way that even a three-year-old can find what he or she needs in a few clicks. So, what should you do to become a winner in this race for the best service instead of being forgotten once and for all?

Any competent marketer would tell you that if you design the UI properly, the number of your customers will increase, and you will come out ahead of the competition. And, we must point out, the marketer would be absolutely right.

During Magento customisation, the first elements to be customized are:

  • Plugins
  • Magento plugins can be used to implement delivery systems, ‘My Account’ pages, loyalty programs, timers, bulk emails, and many other functions. However, applying and customizing them can sometimes be quite tricky. Moreover, there are plenty of outdated plugins on the Internet which can bring more problems than benefits to an inexperienced developer.

    The ones who constantly work with Magento, in turn, are well aware which plugins can help them solve a specific task and how to customize them properly.

  • Templates And Themes
  • As is well known, any Magento template or theme can be customized to fit certain requirements. For example, you can change the color palette, delete or add interactive buttons, use another font, etc. Unfortunately, many web designers do not have a clear understanding of what the template can look like after its customization and, therefore, they miss the opportunity to create a perfect UX design.

  • Performance
  • Have you ever noticed that your site begins to slow down when the internet speed is low or when it is launched on a device with low technical specifications? Unfortunately, it is quite common for many websites. Because of this, those sites lose potential clients that are too impatient to wait until the page they need is finally loaded. They are likely to opt for using a faster online store instead of constantly having to wait. Site customization allows improving its performance without causing any damage to its current functionality. Thus, you can ensure your site’s unconditional availability to any user out there.

    How To Choose Developers For Customization

    Where and how can you look for developers to make a Magento customization? Experience has shown that many online store owners are prone to two extremes. They either opt for extremely expensive services of the USA developers or look for a suitable company in India in an effort to save money. In the first case, they risk giving away an unbelievable amount of money in exchange for quite trivial services. In the second case, they may end up getting a low-quality product.

    What should the ones who approach customization process wisely do? The answer is quite simple. Eastern European companies are the ones that can offer you the best value for your money. Gotop Magento website development company is proven to be one of the most successful Eastern European countries operating on the market today.

    The members of our team have a huge experience in working with diverse solutions based on Magento.

    They are ready to use their competences in order to customize your website regardless of the amount of work that needs to be done or its complexity. Our main Magento customization services include but are not limited to:

  • overriding controllers;
  • overriding layouts;
  • changing and customizing themes;
  • template redesign;
  • adding new plugins and optimizing the ones that are being used;
  • editing CSS files;
  • improving the website’s performance;
  • SEO-optimization.
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    Our certified specialists have a huge experience in working with Magento customizations. They have successfully implemented dozens of projects. They would be glad to take up your project as well. Reach out to us via the contacts on our website to discuss further details of your Magento-based project.

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