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Why Migrate to Magento?

This eCommerce platform is one of the leading solutions on the market nowadays. Magento is the cutting-edge platform ready to compete with any modern rival. This eCommerce software offers a broad range of possibilities for its users:

  • Stability. Magento is robust and time-tested. You secure the stable performance of your online store by choosing this platform.
  • Scalability. This eCommerce solution provides you with an unlimited growth capacity. Magento store migration is becoming a more and more reasonable decision for scaling online shops, as competitors cannot offer infinite business development.
  • Flexibility. Its exceptional range of management and customization tools leaves no doubt that Magento is the best platform for unique and highly customized eCommerce websites.
  • Licensing options. Magento open-source software provides the choice between a free-of-charge solution and a premium paid license with extended functionality. License diversity opens new opportunities for entrepreneurs of all scales. Anyone can find a favorable subscription plan for working with this platform.
  • Magento is doing its best to satisfy and boost the experience of both merchants and website users. It creates numerous options for building powerful and elegant online stores without effort. Vendors are free to concentrate on providing better product quality, which affects website customers as well.

    If you plan on increasing your revenue, reaching a new business level, or just wish to migrate Magento site to new domain, you definitely should consider using our assistance on the online shop migration.


    The website migration process is significantly easier than creating a new one from scratch, but still a complex task. The GoTop Agency expert team plans and performs this transition in a professional and timely matter.

    The professional way to migrate an online store is a case-by-case process. Its duration and complexity entirely depend on your current business scale. Below we’ll cover the incremental steps our migration experts take to deliver the best service quality.

    Data Volume Estimation

    The consistent process of website transition requires clear understanding of online shop sizes. The professional approach demands strict timing to avoid sales performance decrease.

    Feature Compatibility Check

    As different platforms provide different functionality, some specific features of your website may work incorrectly on the new one. Our professionals verify whether your store is 100% compatible and ready to move forward with the chosen version of Magento to Magento migration process. If it's impossible to migrate some of your features, we will gladly develop and integrate them for you!

    "Time and Place" Arrangement for Your Business Migration

    We'll analyze your sales figure and plan the perfect time for the transition to minimize your losses. Our experts will also assist you in choosing the most suitable hosting and new server, as this eCommerce platform consumes a considerable amount of resources. We have to make sure your website is up and running at its best performance level.

    Data Backup

    GoTop Agency ensures the safety of this procedure. That's why we always back up our customers' data to secure it.

    Store Data Migration

    We carefully transmit the data from your DBs to the new ones to avoid any losses. GoTop understands the vital importance of data integrity and does everything to ensure it.

    Theme Setting and Features Installation

    After your data is here, it's time to recreate your website's design and functional value. Fortunately, our Magento experts can customize all the needed platform features in no time for you.

    Website Publication

    When your upgraded store is ready to go public, we release this business shark of yours. And that's it! One more eCommerce website is set to continue growing and scaling.

    As you see, it takes an integrated approach to transfer products from one site to another securely. Luckily for you, our company is here to ensure the best quality of your business upgrade.

    Benefits to Work with Gotop Agency

    GoTop Agency offers professional and high-quality services. It's a piece of cake to migrate Magento site with us! Our company's extensive expertise in migration assistance guarantees your satisfaction. Here's why we are the best:

    • We are the experts. GoTop website relocation professionals know what they are doing.
    • We are affordable. GoTop Agency takes care of your every single cent, finding the most reasonable solutions specifically for your case.
    • We are flexible. We don't use pattern approaches when they are not suitable and customize our working process to meet your requirements entirely.

    GoTop Agency is a reliable partner. Our secret is the sincere care for your success. We appreciate every customer and want them to succeed. This is why GoTop clients receive the best experience. Working with us is not only beneficial but also quite enjoyable!

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