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Upgrade from Magento 1 to 2

Starting from November 2018, Magento 1 no longer gets any updates, which means you need a safe and sound transfer to the 2nd version. Are you still hesitant to upgrade your website?


Do you know how much one second means for the website performance? Modern customers can’t wait any longer - if your website is too slow they will choose your competitor. We won’t let that happen with Magento 2. Your website will take only one second to load and it will make a positive first impression on the visitors.


Web stores require all of your attention 24/7. With Magento 2, website management will become a pleasant task: you’re getting clearer navigation along with easier product creation process and filtering. The faster you manage your tasks, the faster your customers will notice it.


Developers know how much effort is required to create a smooth checkout process. But for buyers, the checkout should seem easier with every website update. Magento 2 developed a simplified registration and made PayPal into a natural extension of your website. The purchasing process doesn’t feel overwhelming for a customer anymore.


How do you make a product seem “alive” to the client? Provide a video review for it. Magento 2 has a functionality in its core that allows adding videos easily and customizing them in different ways.

There’s only one thing that worries most Magento 1 website owners - the transition process is not simple for an average web user. Do you need to turn the Internet upside down to find the right tutorial? No: all you need is the Magento 2 upgrade service, and our team is your best choice. We know the process perfectly and won’t lose a single piece of your website’s data.

Upgrade Magento Manually with Professionals

The Internet globe never stops spinning, so e-commerce platforms are changing their versions just like trees change their leaves. Powerful web protection and improved user flow - these two factors are enough to opt for a website update.

Certified Magento developers from GoTop Agency follow every trend on the market, and they know your business needs immediately after reviewing your website. To fully benefit from the new version, our developers upgrade Magento manually with attention to every detail.

The manual update includes:

  • Cloning the Magento 1 website.
  • Installing Magento 2.
  • Adding the theme.
  • Considering every custom code line and migrating it to the new website.
  • Moving all the data: products and categories, settings, orders, etc.
  • Providing third-party tools.
  • Testing and double testing.
  • And there’s one more important detail: the migration process may take several months. Is it better to take care of it on your own or with the help of random developers? Neither.The right decision is to turn to an experienced team that acts like a well-oiled machine. We’ve been here since the Magento 2 release in 2015, and we’ve got the experience of all these years to share with you.

    Magento Extension Upgrade

    Magento extensions are doors and windows leading to the extended functionality. No matter what you have in mind: integration with web services or implementing marketing tools, extensions are here for you. But if any door or window appears to come to a poor condition with time, it means they need an urgent upgrade.

    Why is it hard to manage an extension upgrade on your own?

    1. The latest versions of Magento extensions are stored on the Magento website. Basically, anyone with a Magento account can download the files, but will they fit your website’s needs? GoTop developers know the answer - after reviewing your website, we help your platform to look fresh and bring you profit.

    2. After downloading, you have to upgrade Magento extensions manually. The installation process also requires expertise, and no one can help you with that faster than our developers.

    3. The key point to keep in mind is that customized settings are lost after the update. Professional developers provide a safe backup and restore all the necessary data after the upgrade. None of that is simple for an average user.

    Hire Our Magento Programmers

    We are not only professional web engineers - we specialize mainly in Magento. It means that we already know everything about your platform and can even predict its future. We create successful outcomes for each of our projects as we know Magento better than anyone else.

    We are the best partners for you:

  • Competitive rates of Magento experts. Development talents that won’t cost you a fortune still exist! Pay reasonable prices and don’t worry about the technical side of your business.
  • Magento certified programmers. We’re always serious about our approach to work, so we never stop learning and growing. Our developers are certified by Magento, and they are the most reliable link between your business and the latest Magento innovations.
  • We’re open for discussion. Our main goal is to create platforms that meet the business goals of our clients, so our expertise must match your requirements. With your values in mind, we upgrade your platform to the highest level.
  • Support along the way. We’re here for you during the update and any time after that. We will answer any of your questions and provide you with consultation any time you need.
  • Quality as the key motto. Our team works with your customers in mind. Our 10-year expertise proves that we always care about the final outcome. It is not only the high quality - it is your happy customers, successful trading results, and growing profits!
  • Contact GoTop team today - use new Magento opportunities tomorrow!

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